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Mora Communications Inc. is a Los Angeles-based public relations firm specializing in media relations and media training formed by Anthony Mora in 1990. We focus on media placement and image development, as well as individualized PR campaigns.

Your Media Debut

We take you beyond the 15 minutes. Only Public Relations can: Present you as the news, establish you as an expert in your field, and...Read More

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You Are The Message

One of your biggest challenges can be to succinctly define your business, your message and your target market. We help you discover all three and the stories that will reach the media and your audience…Read More


The PR Pillow Illustration

A friend of mine bought a new pillow. That he bought a new pillow isn’t all that interesting But why he bought the pillow is He was watching a TV news show and for some reason the pundits started talking about sleep, which led the conversation to a particular brand of...

PR Secrets for Independent Films

I met with an independent filmmaker the other day about his PR needs for his upcoming film. Why is that news? Because he met with me to discuss launching a public relations campaign for his film six months before he will start shooting. I’ve been representing films...

Welcome to the Party of Trump

It’s not that Trump is a political genius, but that his form of PR intersects with our current cultural zeitgeist of reality TV and gleeful watching of train wrecks (metaphorically speaking) on social media.  The litany of political faux pas he’s made along the...