One of your biggest challenges can be to succinctly define your business, your message and your target market.  Although business owners and entrepreneurs know what they do, what service they offer or what product they sell, it’s a select few that can explain the central idea behind their business.  Keep in mind that what you do doesn’t necessarily define your business message.  A number of people can run similar businesses and each could define it differently.  Whether you run a spa, a law practice, a film company or a fashion line, when it comes to effectively branding and marketing your company, the message behind your business can be as important as the business itself. But defining your message and then successfully taking that message to the public, is generally not as simple as it sounds.  It can take time, brainstorming and soul searching to understand what your message is and learn how to effectively communicate it to the public.

Try this exercise; write a brief description of your business. Now, in a separate paragraph write a brief description defining your message.  Don’t get lost in the message part of the exercise.  Think of your message as a brief mission statement that helps define the reason or reasons behind your business.  What does your business offer?  What problems does it solve?  What does it bring to your customers or clients?  In this part of the exercise you don’t want to explain what your business is, but what it offers.   Now read both of your descriptions aloud.  Is there a true intrinsic connection between the two paragraphs you’ve written?  Do you see how your message can help build a bridge between your business and your target market, customers or audience?

Doing this brief exercise can help give you a clear vision of what it is you do, what you offer, and how to present it.  It can also help clarify your goals and what you want to accomplish.

The answers aren’t always obvious. It may take some time and some soul searching. But it’s important that your audience, clients, and target market realize that you are not just selling a product or a service, but that there is a message behind it.  You need to understand that part of your business before launching a media relations campaign or writing that first press release.  It is the message that will define your marketing and PR campaign.  It will be your message that drives clients, patients or customers to come to you instead of your competitor.

Copyright © Anthony Mora 2012

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