brainstorming pr campaignWhen pitching your film to the media remember –

You are not selling!

The media does not want to be sold, they have no interest in being sold, what they want are stories. Every single day journalists are looking for stories for their magazines, newspapers, TV segments, radio shows, blogs and online publications.

The media is constantly in need of new stories and that’s where you come in. Whether you have a product, a service, a book, a film, or a work of art, if you present your pitch as a compelling story, you will garner media coverage.

Look at your pitch from the media’s perspective and not yours. Your story is naturally of interest to you because you’re personally invested in it. Not everyone is going to have that same interest, so make that your starting point. If you knew nothing about your company or business, what would make it interesting? How can you turn your presentation into a compelling story as opposed to simply another sales pitch?

What I suggest is a brainstorming session. That is the first step in launching our campaigns. Here we ask the client to tell us everything about his or her business. Clients are generally too close to their businesses to clearly see their stories. We can view their stories with a less invested, more detached eye. This gives us the ability to view the stories more a journalist’s perspective than the client’s perspective. Having worked as a freelance journalist and magazine editor has served me well, since I was pitched stories for years and know what the media is looking for, but you can still use the same approach.

Don’t do this on your own. Bring together a group of people you know, but who are not invested in or a part of your company. Now begin to review all aspects of your company including the company itself, the founding of the company, your journey to launch the company, your clients, the problems you’re solving, needs your meeting, etc. Now review how you can pitch these different aspects as stories. Remember, these are not sales pitches, these are compelling stories that meet the media’s needs.

Once you make a list of these story idea now review how you can present them as actual stories with a compelling narrative. You don’t want these pitches to be long, you want them to be concise and to the point. Now begin to study the media, which stories fit which media outlet. Remember there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all media pitch. You need to frame your story and your pitch so that it meets the needs of the specific media outlet you’re approaching.

Keep in mind, although there are services that will send your press release en mass to hundreds of media outlets, that will seldom be of any value to you or your PR campaign. Forget quantity, what you want are quality, targeted pitches.

Brainstorm. Be honest during the process. Step away from your role in the business and view your story ideas as an outsider. Now look for the stories that are the most compelling. Remember effective PR is effective storytelling.

Your stories are your gold.

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