As numerous physicians have discovered, obtaining your degree and establishing a practice is not enough to drive new patients to your door and develop a successful thriving practice. For Addiction Specialists, having your voice heard and taking the time to establishing yourself as an expert in the field of Addiction Medicine can be an opportunity to reach the patients who need your services the most, this is not done through marketing and advertising alone.

Although television, online and print ads can bring some new patients to your practice, the opportunities a well-planned public relations campaign can offer are organic and far reaching. By establishing yourself as an expert and addressing current topics & issues such as: dealing with anxiety, loss and grief, opioid addiction and physician accountability you make your voice heard and establish yourself as an authority in your field and as a valuable resource to the communities you are trying to connect with.

Particularly when it comes to such a difficult and sensitive issue, patients want to see someone they can trust and have confidence in.  Being featured as an expert in the field in print, radio TV and online not only helps build your practice but is also one of the most effective ways to establish credibility with potential new patients.

Being featured on CNN, Dr. Oz, The Doctors, the New York Times or the LA Times, not only reaches your target market, but helps establish your credibility and validation.  In the medical field, it’s not the physician or medical center who can buy the biggest ad or run the most commercials who win; it’s those that can tell the most compelling and educational human-interest stories.  Effective PR is effective storytelling.

A well-targeted public relations campaign offers several advantages that are not found with other promotional options. PR is often considered a highly credible form of promotion. One advantage of PR is the ability to establish credibility for a practice or company in the minds of the audience or targeted groups by capitalizing on the influence of the media. A story featured on the local news or in the health section of the newspaper may have a greater impact, in terms of driving new patients to your practice–than a full-page ad, web based promotion or television commercial.

Unlike a paid ad, being feature on the editorial side of the media establishes you as an expert -you are the news!

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