Building and growing your practice is vital and psychotherapists are taught that referrals are key to growing a thriving practice. And, although they definitely are, let’s take a look at what other tools can help build a flourishing practice. Advertising can be effective but it can also be costly and unpredictable.  Most consumers are savvy enough to know that ads and commercials are paid and therefore controlled media and is that really the way most patients find their psychotherapists?

Patients generally search the web and many times look to news programs and articles of experts discussing the topics they are most concerned with. That said, many psychologists and psychotherapists are overlooking their best asset—their own unique voice and expertise.

But with so much competition how do you stand out?

How can you set your practice apart from the competition?

When it comes to marketing your psychology practice, media coverage through a well-honed PR campaign is the most effective and economical method to drive patients to your door. A targeted public relations campaign will establish you as the go-to expert in your field. When you are featured on The Doctors, CNN or Time Magazine, or your local magazines, newspapers, TV or radio outlets on timely topics, you establish yourself as the authority in your field while at the same time serving as a resource to the communities you most want to reach.

PR is one of the most effective ways to build your business and your personal brand. When you are a featured in the media, you are establishing yourself as an expert and as a credible source. It is this credibility and validation that creates trust with new patients who have read your articles or seen you interviewed on a topic that affected them.

Psychotherapists are in a unique position in our society to not only discuss current topics but also to weigh in on how individuals and groups within our society are affected. It is in this wealth of expertise that practitioners can utilize to boost their practice by investing in a PR plan that is customized to your specific needs. In this way, you are able to establish yourself through the media vs. through advertising or commercials. Prospective patients view you as an authority in the field of psychology– and that is what patients are seeking.

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