For the attorney looking to raise his or her profile, there is no better option than PR. Public relations offer something that traditional advertising can never deliver, credibility.

When an attorney appears on CNN, MSNBC, the Today Show, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, or their regional or local media outlets, their credibility grows by leaps and bounds.  Hundreds, thousands and often millions of viewers tune in to watch and to listen to their legal expertise. There is no better source for organically marketing your brand (i.e your law firm). When attorneys are informed on the topic they are addressing– they can expect to see a spike in web traffic and an uptick in potential new clients after a television appearance.

To the person seeking legal counsel, media-coverage separates your law practice from the competition. You, after-all are the one who CNN turns to for legal opinions and facts—and that carries weight.

In addition, although advertising can get your name “out there” it is expensive and does not offer the validation or credibility of being feature in a news story.  A national TV interview can be worth its weight in gold. TV news viewership, on average, varies between 2-7 million people and can reach far beyond that when a segment goes viral.  The media is continually on the lookout for attorneys who can address specialized topics including immigration, sexual harassment, divorce, entertainment, taxes, etc.

When compared to advertising, a PR campaign is an economical way to put your firm in front of potential clients and build brand loyalty. With PR you are paying for the time required and minimal out-of-pocket expenses in order for your firm to develop relationships with key media. With advertising, not only do you need to pay your agency for the time required to create the ads, but you’re also paying the media outlets to run your ads–a costly endeavor that does not always pay off.

Most consumers generally understand that an advertisement means that the advertiser provided and controlled the message.  News stories, on the other hand (even in today’s environment) are generally viewed by the majority as impartial and credible. By implementing a targeted public relations campaign, you can affordably increase search engine optimization (SEO) and organic results as well as repeat exposure for your story.

Public relations is able to establish you as the authority in your field–with zero advertising and complete credibility.  And that is the power of PR and why millions of brands use it in conjunction with and often times instead of advertising.  A well-honed public relations campaign can help establish you as the go-to authority in the legal field.

And that’s exactly who your prospective clients are searching for.

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